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Our goal for each Proceedings project is to create an intuitive, seamless user experience. Attendees want to access the content they are looking for quickly, and meeting managers want the appearance of the Proceedings to complement the brand image of the Meeting (color scheme, imagery etc). This page details the standard features of our Meeting Proceedings projects, and describes advanced features like audio and video that can increase the value of the Proceedings.

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  Our Meeting Proceedings are compatible with both PCs and Macs. Our Proceedings are viewed with an internet browser, and so no software installation is required.   "Easy!" That's what we hear from attendees who use our proceedings. Our proceedings load up quickly and feature intuitive user interface design. View Proceeedings Demos  
  Documents are shared in the Adobe PDF format, which maximizes usability and enables anyone to open and print the documents.   Where available, we include photos and biographies from each of the speakers. View Proceedings Demo with Biographies  
  Our Proceedings are completely searchable ... your attendees can find information they need searching by Speaker Name, Track/Session, Date/Time, or by Keyword.   We're always happy to include sponsorship information such as a sponsor's logo and associated link or information page.  
  We put special emphasis on the user interface design, making sure that the appearance of the Proceedings is consistent with your other meeting materials. View Proceedings Demos   While technical support is seldom needed, each Proceedings prominently features phone and email help, and a link to our dedicated support website,  
  Synchronized audio presentations let your attendees watch the PowerPoint slides automatically advance as the presentation audio plays. View Synchronized Audio Presentation Demo   We use the Flash player (on nearly 100% of computers) for easy and universal playback of videos like Keynote Speakers and surgical demonstrations. View Proceedings Video Demo  
  MP3 audio can be an economical way to share the audio from the presentations with your attendees.
Listen to MP3 Audio Demo 1   |   Listen to MP3 Audio Demo 2
  Online poster galleries offer attendees digital access to the posters that were presented at your conference.
View Poster Gallery Demo
  Attendees LOVE being able to take the slides and audio anywhere on a device as convenient as a smartphone or iPod!
Case Study Where Proceedings Transfers to iPods
  Our most advanced online proceedings are starting to feature attendee collaboration where users share thoughts and suggestions with each other on the presentations.  
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