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CadmiumCD will help you select the ideal distribution method and packaging for your proceedings. Meeting Proceedings are distributed to attendees either before, during, or after the meeting. The Proceedings can be on CD, DVD, USB memory stick, or online. Your choice affects the cost and how the proceedings are packaged.

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Distributing the proceedings before the meeting gives your attendees a chance to familiarize themselves with the speakers and presentations. Online proceedings enable you to update that information as presentations trickle in pre-conference.

  CDs (700Mb of data) and DVDs (4,400Mb of data) are the most popular distribution format because they are universally recognizable, playable and easy to use. Attendees get an enduring keepsake that is easily shared with colleagues.  
  Distribution at the meeting is very economical because you can hand it out to attendees and forego any postage costs. Attendees often receive a CD-ROM of all the presentations along with their badges at registration.   USB memory sticks are becoming more popular. While these are an expensive distribution format, they are compact, trendy, and remind attendees of your conference each time they reuse the memory stick for thie own purposes.  
  It can sometimes be difficult to collect all the presentation materials before the meeting, and so you may need to send the proceedings by mail post-conference. CDs mailed out in cardboard wallets are an attractive way to do this.   Online hosting is economical and often used when there is too much data (audio, video) to distribute on DVDs. We host proceedings on and our clients use our Conference Portal™ to track attendee usage.  
proceedings CD kickout box
  amaray case   self mailer CD jacket wallet
Kickout Box
Kickout Boxes are a very economical and rugged packaging option that is ideal for disks that are being handed out at the meeting. Available in a variety of colors including black, blue, orange, and green.
Amaray Case
Amaray Cases (like DVD movie cases) are suitable for proceedings that need to be more sturdy or have a more professional appearance.
Self Mailer Jackets
Self Mailer Jackets, featuring a tear strip and an address area on the back, are ideal for mailing out your proceedings post-conference.
  It is becoming more and more popular to host a Proceedings online. There are a number of advantages including lower cost (for meetings with a large number of attendees), capacity for a huge amount of data, the option to update the content at any time, and capability to require attendees to log in with a personalized access key.

Many of our online proceedings are accessed using a “Key CD”. The Key CDs are distributed to attendees at the meeting, and attendees put the Key CD in their computer to get secure access to the online proceedings. They use a personalized Access Code included with the Key CD to log in to the online proceedings.
PowerPoint slide videos on iphones and ipods When a meeting proceedings includes audio, typically the audio is synchronized with the slides so that the slides automatically advance as the attendee watches the presentation. The slides and audio are often available in multiple formats so that they can be used on MP3 players (iPods, Zunes, etc) and smartphones (Blackberry smartphones, iPhones) as well as computers. A typical 100 hour meeting will require 6-15Gb of data --- that is two to four DVDs! Attendees usually do not want to change disks depending on what content they are accessing, and so having it all available as the online proceedings is a great solution.

Click here to read an audio proceeding case study that is hosted online.
You can monitor a proceedings' statistics on our Conference Portal™. When you log in to the Conference Portal™ you can access data on any Proceedings we are hosting for you, as well as other services like Call for Papers or Speaker Data Collection.

You can track when users sign in, what proceedings feedback they have submitted, and you can see detailed data on which presentations have been downloaded in which formats.
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