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  Meeting proceedings are usually developed in the weeks just before the event, right when you are extremely busy coordinating all the work that makes your meeting a success. That is why we know how important it is to keep the proceedings process simple for you The following page introduces you to some of the tools we use and the steps that go into producing a proceedings with CadmiumCD.

If you are ready to learn more about our proceedings services, please don't hesitate to call us at 877-426-6323 or email

At the beginning of each project we establish an online project collaboration page (pictured below). This personalized page will show the project cost structure, timeline, your account manager's details, and demonstrations of the proceedings.

  It is easy to send files to us. You can upload them through your Collaboration Page, or your speakers can use our Conference Harvester™ system to upload their information and files directly to us.  
  Each project has a simple six step timeline that clearly lays out what information we will need from you at specific points in the project.   It always helps if you can provide a spreadsheet at the beginning of the project with all the speaker and presentation information. If one does not exist, we will create it from your other conference files.  
  As the project progresses, we will share the printed artwork (disk label, packaging, etc.) and the proceedings demo on the collaboration page. We will iterate these during the project as the proceedings evolves.   Most of our proceedings contains documents in the PDF format. We are experts at working with PDF documents and can add customized headers and footers, as well as perform complex operations to PDF document collections.  
  You will use a simple and very helpful online approval form to finalize artwork that will be printed, such as CD wallets. We also provide the artwork to you in a variety of formats for you to promote the proceedings with your attendees.   We have designed hundreds of Proceedings. We use your conference's graphics and printed media to create an easy-to-use interface that has the look and feel of the other printed materials from your conference.  
  We can provide staff at your meeting to assist or lead the sales of the Meeting Proceedings, and we can create an online purchase form for attendees to order the Proceedings after the conference.  

Even after you have approved a Proceedings for shipment, we perform our own rigorous quality control checks, running through a 41 point inspection process to ensure your Proceedings works perfectly.


  Here is an example of a Project Collaboration Page:

The data in the collaboration page is tied directly to our project management database, and so changes that we make to your project are instantly reflected on your Collaboration Page. This process allows for continuous progress evaluation and reassures you that your tight deadlines will be met.
  Here is an example of a Speaker's control panel on the Confefence Harvester™:

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