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Conference speakers can make travel arrangements
  Meeting managers and speakers, like all of us, are busier than ever. Collecting, reviewing, and organizing your speaker data no longer has to be a chore. The Speaker Data Collection Module will help you minimize your phone calls and emails to speakers, while at the same time enabling your speakers to more easily send you the data you need to prepare for the meeting.

If you are ready for an online demo to see the system in action, please don't hesitate to call us at 877-426-6323 or email
It is often time-consuming and complicated to organize all the presentation files and information that you receive both before and after the meeting.

The features we have summarized below will save you time and streamline the entire process.
What is the number one word we see in the feedback from speakers? "Easy" And that is because we designed the submission experience to be intuitive and fast.

Speakers will spend minimal time submitting their data and you will have less involvement in the process.
  Centralize and steamline your speaker data, saving you time and simplifying your work. You assign tasks and due dates to your speakers such as "Upload Presentation" or "Update Your Profile", and you can customize the appearance of the Harvester control panel that speakers see when they log in.  
Speakers log in to the Harvester system through our secure website,, using their email address and a personalized Access Key.
  As data flows in, you can monitor it with built in reports, or create your own customized reports. You can track progress against specific tasks and quickly see when and how many times your speakers have logged in.  
The first thing they see when they log in is a personalized task list that is based on the presentations they are giving. Completed tasks show up in green, and incomplete tasks show in red.
  Easily send out emails to specific groups of speakers, such as those who have not yet completed all their assigned tasks. Filter and sort the email data to see exactly which emails were sent at any given time to each speaker.  
"Update Your Profile" is a commonly assigned task where speakers update information such as their address, photograph, and professional details.
  Save time and rework with the Excel Export feature that automatically exports your presentation or presenter data into Excel.  
The "Submit Your Biography" task is used to collect the biographical information for each speaker. It can be a simple paragraph or an upload of the speaker's CV.
  See the user feedback as it is submitted by speakers who are using the system.  
The "Upload" task is used for all sorts of files such as PowerPoints, PDFs, course outlines, and abstracts. The upload form is infinitely customizable, enabling the speaker to receive very clear instructions for this task.
  The standard features of the Collection Module are 100% FREE for our meeting proceedings clients. There are some advanced features like speaker disclosure collection and hotel reservations that are provided for a fee.  
There are advanced tasks that may be assigned to speakers such as submitting their travel plans, hotel reservations, and presentation disclosures.
  The Module can be coupled directly with other modules in the Conference Harvester™ to give you one integrated system to manage the flow of data from the first Call for Papers to the final presentations on the Proceedings.  
Event information such as presentation guidelines, copyright policy, and conference expectations can be made available to speakers through their control panel.
  The Conference Harvester™ is part of CadmiumCD's Conference Portal system. It enables meeting planners to manager attendee data, speaker data, and online proceedings.

Technical support and an event coordinator contact are clearly displayed on the Speaker's control panel so that they can quickly and easily get help with the system should they need it.
  Here is an example of what meeting managers sees when they log in:

  Here is an example of what speakers see when they log in:

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