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The ultimate goal is to produce an enhanced (audio) conference proceedings where the presentation slides automatically advance as the audio plays. Your attendees can experience your meeting presentations at any time on devices like computers, mp3 players, and smartphones. Our professional staff will work directly with your AV vendor to ensure a seamless and unobtrusive recording of each presentation. We can also collect the PowerPoints and manage speaker permissions on-site.

If you are ready for an online demo to see the system in action, please don't hesitate to call us at 877-426-6323 or email

Our experienced audio technicians ensure the highest possible audio quality by constant monitoring of the recordings during presentations, as well as simple touches like reminding the presenters to use the microphones even in small rooms.
Audio proceedings can be distributed in many ways including CD-ROM or online. Many of our proceedings are hosted online and accessed with a "Key CD" that an attendee puts in their computer to get access to the audio and slides at or
We use a minimum of two recording devices per room to capture audio from both the room's sound system and from our own sound recorders. This prevents missing a recording due to unexpected circumstances.
We can collect the PowerPoints during the meeting either by collecting them from each room or by staffing a speaker table where presentations are turned in.
The audio can be distributed very quickly to attendees. It is not uncommon for the audio from one day to be available the very next morning for attendees to listen to on the online meeting proceedings.
Each Audio Proceedings has an elegant, easy-to-use interface where presentations can be quickly accessed. Attendees LOVE being able to take the slides and audio anywhere on a device as convenient as a Blackberry smartphone or iPod! They can watch and listen to the conference presentation anywhere which is great for business trips or when they are not near a computer!
We can manage and collect the speaker permission forms at the meeting.
Are you interested in learning more. Our Top 10 Tips for Audio Proceedings on are a great source of help for ensuring optimal audio quality for your audio proceedings.
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