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email management to submitters of abstracts for the conference
When your inbox gets bombarded with submissions for abstracts, presentations, or posters, does it feel like too much information to handle at once. This module is used for both collecting and reviewing the submissions from potential speakers and authors. Reviewers use a customized rating system to rank the submissions and assign the top ones to your conference.

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It is often time-consuming and complicated to organize all the various submissions for a meeting, and then make them conveniently available for your reviewers. The features we have summarized below will help you save time and streamline the submission process.
Trying to get all those reviews completed on time, and then getting the top submissions accepted and scheduled can be a big headache. The features we have summarized below will save you valuable time during this busy phase of the meeting preparations.
  Easily customize the submission experience by selecting which informational fields and types of submissions will be displayed. Biographies, posters, abstracts, and papers are just some of the possible submission types.   Add any number of reviewers, with various levels of access, and then individually or batch assign them to the submissions. Emails will be automatically sent to the reviewers to get them started on the review process.  
  Add optional features such as a copyright statement agreement field, a disclaimer agreement field, or guideline documents.  
Customize the grading system to your meeting's needs and determine the criteria for an accepted submission.
  The submission form itself is a simple step by step process that your users will find intuituve and fast.   
Technical support and an event coordinator contact are clearly displayed on each reviewer's online control panel so that they can quickly and easily get help should they need it.
  You will have access to a control panel with quick at-a-glance summaries that keep you in touch with the submissions. Data can be directly exported into Microsoft Excel for convenient sharing and analysis.  
Track the progress of the reviews as they come in with a variety of helpful online reports so you can keep a watchful eye on the progress and keep it on track.
  Easily send out emails to specific groups of submitters. Filter and sort the email data to see exactly which emails were sent at any given time to each submitter.  
Keep things moving with the capability to automatically email the reviewers who get behind in the review process.
  Pricing is based on the number of abstracts received and the amount of customization needed to activate the system.  
Designate decision makers who will make the selections for accepted submissions and efficiently finalize the results.
  The Module can be coupled directly with other modules in the Conference Harvester™ to give you one integrated system to manage the flow of data from the first Call for Papers to the final presentations on the Proceedings.  
If appropriate, you can assign the accepted submissions into your meeting's schedule, and even export the data to our Speaker Data Management Module.
  The Conference Harvester™ is part of CadmiumCD's Conference Portal system. It enables meeting planners to manager attendee data, speaker data, and online proceedings.

Event information such as presentation guidelines and copyright policy can be shared with the winning submitters through emails automatically sent out by the system.
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