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Specializing in conference proceedings and conference audio on CD-ROMs and online for organizations and meeting planners
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  Easy Meeting Technology Services  
  At CadmiumCD, we focus on the technology needs of event planners. Our services include producing meeting proceedings, synchronizing presentation slides with audio, and speaker data collection and review tools. Click here to learn more
  Meeting Proceedings: Go Green, Go Paperless   Attendees Enjoy the Proceedings in so Many Ways ...
conference proceedings on CDs and online   Are you printing large binders of information that cost a small fortune?

Our meeting proceedings replace the traditional printed proceedings and involve a shorter production time, lower cost, attendee convenience, and reduced environmental impact.

Our proceedings can be distributed on CDs, DVDs, USB Sticks, or online. Each one has an elegant, easy-to-use interface suitable for any number of speakers. Unlike paper-based proceedings, the presentations are in full color, and can include videos, audio, and other educational materials.

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Conference proceedings case study   Audio Proceedings enable attendees to listen to your meeting's audio at any time. The presentation slides automatically advance as the audio plays, and attendees LOVE being able to transfer the slides and audio to devices as convenient as mp3 players (iPods, Zunes), and smartphones (iPhones, BlackBerry smartphones). They can watch and listen to presentations anywhere which is great for business trips or when they are not near a computer!

Devices like iPods, iPhones, and BlackBerry smartphones can easily store the slides and audio from a typical 100 hour meeting in just 8Gb of data. Your attendees can experience the PowerPoints with synchronized audio anywhere at any time, and it fits in their pocket!

Meeting proceedings case study
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contact us today 877 426 6323 contact us today 877 426 6323 conference proceedings designed to mimic your marketing efforts, distributed on CD, DVD, USB, or Online speaker data collection speaker data collection meeting proceedings designed to mimic your marketing efforts, distributed on CD, DVD, USB, or Online meeting proceedings on-site meeting audio recording meeting proceedings on CD-ROMs, CDs, DVDs, and DVD-ROMs